Traditional Albums

Traditional Wedding Albums

These are what most people would think of as a ‘Traditional Style’ Wedding Album: A leather binder with inner posts holding insert cards into which the photos are mounted. Then the inserts are held together by gold or silver edges. It all goes towards creating a truly beautiful product.

These albums tend to be expensive, not just because of the quality of the components, but because of the skill and care that has to go into assembling them. But all our customers who have purchased this type of album have said that it was worth the extra …

The prints come from Loxley Colour of Cumbernauld; the highest possible print quality in ph neutral photos with guaranteed long life colour fixing. The album, and the photos within, will endure for at least a lifetime.

All our Traditional Style albums share the important points detailed below:-

  • Traditional Size 5 Format (31cm x 31 cm), able to fit large photos in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Hand made Italian leather with highest possible manufacturing quality
  • Full choice of Binders and Colours; Black, Burgundy, Cream, White
  • Full choice of Insert Page Colours; Black, Brown, Cream, White
  • Full choice of Leaf Edgings, Gold, Silver, Chrome, Black
  • All prints highest quality from Loxley Colour (NOT, Boots, Asda, Bonusprint, Jessops, etc.)
  • All prints are guaranteed long life colour fixed and are chemically neutral
  • All images are permanently archived for additional or future reprinting
  • Assembled with a great deal of Skill and Patience

Weddings with a Traditional Style Album start from £1,095.
Please go to our Prices Page for details.

Chatsworth Album

The Chatsworth is our best selling Italian Leather Binder Album. The most traditional of our Traditional Albums. Available in Black, Burgundy and Ivory.

Delius Album

The Delius has a feel of smooth, soft, padded leather and comes in Black, Burgundy and White. Note that “Wedding” is just for demonstration; you can have your own names on the cover, or leave it blank.

Bow Album

Definitely the least traditional of the ‘Traditionals’, The Bow album comes in a myriad of colours and finishes, and so does the bow itself. Bright colours of albums and bows are available. Ask for details …

Traditional Albums: Inserts, Edgings and Corners

The images collage below will give you a fair idea of all the intricacies involved in these traditional albums. There are four options of insert colours: black, brown, cream and white. And there are three options of edgings and corners: gold, chrome and black.

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