Your Digital Options

Every customer who books their wedding with Encore ALWAYS gets a USB Pen Drive containing up to 400 high resolution images suitable for the highest possible quality printing. In addition to the High Resolution images, we also provide a set of Medium Resolution images, ideal for distribution on Social Media platforms, or even your own website. This is what everyone gets for our starting price of only £595.

Every customer will get the same time spent on the job, the same number and quality of photographs, and the same high level of service. The only thing that makes any difference to your price, is the additional supply of an album or photobook, or web site.

For many customers, the ‘Digital Only’ wedding is the ideal option. It may be that you just don’t want an Album or Photobook, or it may be that you want to design your own photobook and get it printed, or that you want to get your favourite photos printed and make up your own album. If you want to create your own album or photobook, that’s absolutely fine with us.

We are also very supportive of couples who are working to a tight budget. At the end of the day we would much rather that you spent your budget getting the best possible photographs. You will then have outstanding wedding photographs safely stored, allowing you to get any kind of printing done at any point in the future.

Wedding Website

This is a service that we’re providing more often in recent times. It’s a way to share your wedding with friends and relatives, perhaps unwell at the time, or living abroad, who weren’t able to attend your wedding. It’s much more universal than social media because anyone with an Internet connection will be able to access the site, provided that you have given them the correct password.

Here is a complete rundown of what you get:-

  • A personal website that can be open to everyone, or password protected to ensure that only your selected family and friends will be able to gain access.
  • A photo-gallery showing a selection of your wedding photographs
  • A text area where you can place a thank you message for your wedding guests and tell the story of your wedding day
  • A bulletin board where visitors can leave comments and best wishes
  • A digital representation of your album or photobook that can be shared with your visitors

Please see our Prices Page for a complete price list including all our Digital Options.

USB Archive Storage

Since we started in wedding photography back in 2005, we have had at least 20 couples who have come back to us having lost their original digital images, leaving them with their wedding album or photobook as their only record. Photos that weren’t in the album would have been lost forever. We’ve also had more than 10 couples who have lost or damaged their original photobooks or albums and needed the original files to get them reprinted.

So far all have been lucky and we have been able to provide photo files and reprint books. However the Data Protection Act 1998, effectively prevents us from holding your data for more than six months after your wedding, and the new Data Protection Act of 2018 (GDPR) prevents us from keeping anything without your explicit consent – not even your name, address, phone number and email. We will not have the right to contact you, e.g. to tell you that we’re moving premises, or changing our contact details, etc.

Since May 2018, the only way we are allowed to stay in touch is if you have booked us for a future or ongoing service, or if you have given your explicit consent for us to retain your data. That is why we give every customer a USB Pen Drive that contains all of their wedding photos (typically between 250 and 400). With this USB Pen Drive, we also transfer complete copyright of these digital images for any non-commercial use.

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