Information Section

This is the Index Page of the Information Section. Click any of the Links below:-

Wedding Forms to Complete

This is a page where you will find forms for you to download and fill in prior to your wedding. These forms are very important for us; giving us all the information we need to plan your photography. There is also a form for you to fill in after your wedding, to tell us what photos you’ve chosen for your album or photobook.

Preparing for Your Wedding Photography

This is a page with some very important guidance about what can affect your photography and how to avoid any disappointment.

General Questions and Answers

We’ve tried to pre-empt as many of your questions as possible and put them all into one single page.

Making Payments to Encore

This is a link that will take you to a page describing how to make payments to us by various methods. There are also buttons to pay for your wedding using a Debit or Credit Card.

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