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How can I make a payment?
You can pay deposits, balances, whole amounts or part amounts; by debit or credit card, by cheque, by cash paid into our RBS bank account, by bank transfer from your own account to ours or via Paypal. We also accept payment of a balance by cash on the day. Please see our page ‘Making Payments to Encore’.

How long do I have to pay my deposit?
After we send you the confirmation paperwork, we generally allow one month for your deposit to reach us. If you are unable to pay the deposit but still want to book us, you should contact us to let us know.

How long do I have to pay the balance?
We generally require full payment to be received 14 days in advance of the wedding date, unless you arrange to pay IN CASH on the day. If there is any difficulty, you should let us know.

Arrangements for the Wedding Day

What do I need to do for you before my wedding?
We need you to fill in two forms to let us know what photographs you want us to take, and one additional form to provide us with your wedding day itinerary. We need to have these at least three weeks prior to the wedding. This allows us to check what time is available to us and to help us decide when might be the best time to get particular photos. Please see our page ‘Preparing for Your Wedding Photos’.

Is there anything else I need to do?
Yes … please try to avoid disappointment by checking that you do have permission for us to take your photographs in particular places and at particular times. For example, you may need permission to have your photos taken in parks or private gardens, and some priests and ministers do not allow photos to be taken during the ceremony. Again, please see our page ‘Preparing for Your Wedding Photos’.


How many photographs will I get?
We typically take between 400-800 photos at a Wedding. Of these many are duplicates because we always take two or three photos of every pose or scene; this allows us to reject those where people blink, or turn away, or make sudden movements, etc. This typically leaves us with around 250-400 photos, which we supply to you on a USB Pen Drive.

How many photographs do I need to choose for my album or photobook?
If you have decided to choose a modern style album, you will need to choose a definite number of photos. All of the modern style albums must have one photograph per page, but the different albums we have available have different numbers of pages. See our ‘Albums Page’ for details, but if in doubt contact us. If you have decided on a printed photobook then you can have any number between 66 and 84 photographs in your photobook. If you have chosen one of our traditional Italian leather binder albums then you will require to choose at least 36 photographs; this type of album can have more than one photo on each page, but we think that 48 is a reasonable maximum. Download the form when you are ready.

Who owns the rights to the photographs?
Under the Copyright Act 1988, you are commissioning a photographer as an artist, and the artist retains copyright of the art, in this case, the photographs. Many photographers use this law to force customers to pay very high prices for single individual prints and will never provide you with the original files which would allow you to get the photographs printed elsewhere. We provide you with all of your 250-400 edited photographs as high resolution printable images, supplied on a USB Pen Drive. There is no additional fee, but the only limitation is that they are not used for commercial purposes and used only for personal viewing and/or printing by you, your friends and family.

Price Increases

What happens if there is a price increase between confirming my booking and the wedding date?
We fix our complete price list at the time of accepting your confirmation. So even if you book us for a wedding two years hence, you will only have to pay the price that was agreed at the time. This also extends to any additional items that you order shortly after your wedding; additional photobooks, prints. thank-you cards, etc.

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