Wedding Forms

Wedding Forms

Click on the PDF Icons to get the forms you need, fill them in and send them back to us …

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Before the Wedding

Wedding Party Photos Form: This is a list of suggested photos for your wedding party. It’s a tick box form that will give you an idea of what you might want to put in an album, and it will save you writing them all down.

Additional Photos Form: This is a form for you to fill in to provide us with a list of photos you want of guests who are not in the Wedding Party; Siblings, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Grandparents, etc.

Wedding Day Itinerary: This is a blank form for you to fill in to provide us with your time schedule for the day. We need this form in conjunction with your Photos Forms to be sure that we will have enough time to get the photos you want.

After the Wedding

Chosen Photos Form: Two or three weeks after your wedding we will provide you with a USB Pen Drive of your wedding photos. If you have arranged for us to provide an album or photobook, use this form to tell us what photos you have chosen.

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